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Over 25 years in Criminal Prosecution & Criminal Defense, combined


We provide superb legal counsel - utilizing Matt's many years of cultivated legal relationships with colleagues, judges & prosecutors


Matt has an outstanding reputation in the legal industry, courtroom, current, previous and return clients


We collaborate with the defendant to develop effective legal defense strategy - with ultimate goal being case dismissal, not guilty verdict, or a lesser charge.


We educate the client about what to expect throughout the entire legal process, and assist defendants in committing their defense theories to memory.


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Best Attorney Ever!!

"Mr. Alford represented me in crimminal court on a charge of violating probation. The outcome he achieved exceeded my highest hopes! Chosing Matt Alford was the best decision I could have made. He is unique, professional, wise, commanding of the circumstances, and well liked and highly respected by the judge, prsecurors, courtroom staff, and clients alike. Highly recommended!!"


Excellent Attorney!!!

"Firsts court date for a white collar crime, Matt was able to get my class A dropped to a class C, paid a $50.00 fine and was done with it!!!! This attorney is awesome, I highly recommend his services!!!! Dang good Texan Attorney!!!"

Betty Jane

So Contact with confidence with a free Consultation

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