When is it Time to Call a Defense Lawyer?

If you’re in legal trouble (or expect some coming your way), it’s time to call a defense lawyer. Learn more advice from our experts here.

Have you ever wondered when is the best time to call a defense lawyer? If you’re trying to find an answer to this question, chances are you need one right away.

You’ll want a defense lawyer to start working on your case quickly, before the hole you’re in ends up becoming bigger. This article will go over a few of the most common situations when it is time to call a defense lawyer for help.

Before An Investigation

Many people wonder if they could call a defense attorney if they haven’t been charged with a crime. The short answer is yes—you still should if you are concerned legal trouble may still be possible.

Just because the police do not read you your Miranda rights during an interview doesn’t mean that what you say can’t be held against you. In fact, oftentimes it is just the opposite. Detectives commonly try to mislead people during the investigative phase.

They may claim that you have done something wrong such as domestic violence. They could tell you that someone else has implicated you and that they’ve seen signs of sexual abuse or physical abuse.

They could tell you how much time you will serve and let you know that if you cooperate they can help you out.

Investigators playing the “good cop bad cop game” may promise you a reward for your help. If you are asked to come to the police station for an interview you should call your defense lawyer before you say anything to the investigators.

A good defense attorney can be a mediator between you and the authorities. They can also decline the interview on your behalf. This way you never have to say aword to the investigators.

If an interview is in your best interest your defense attorney should be present. Your domestic violence lawyer or defense lawyer will let you know which questions are okay for you to answer and advise you on when you should take your Fifth Amendment rights.

Your defense attorney can help determine what the police are investigating based on their line of questions and if they actually have any evidence or not. They can also advise you as to your best options. This will become important if you do ultimately get charged with a crime such as verbal abuse.

During Undercover Investigations

Many investigations into criminal activity take place while undercover. You may be under investigation and not even know of the investigation. The police may also believe you are a witness to a crime that you do not know of.

Even witnesses may need legal assistance to help them navigate questions from investigators or navigate giving testimony. Investigators could be local police officers, district attorneys, or even federal prosecutors.

As soon as you know you are the subject of an investigation or a witness in an investigation, call your defense attorney. Your defense attorney will have your best interests at heart, not the police.

While a lawyer can not accompany you in the room when you are giving grand jury testimony, they can prepare you and tell you what to expect. They can always talk to you afterward and give you their take on how it went.

A defense attorney can share information with other defense attorneys handling other witnesses, targets, or subjects to try to get as much information as they can on your case. This information can be crucial to your case.

When Search Warrants Are Issued

search warrant is supposed to catch people off guard. If you’ve been served with a search warrant call your defense attorney right away. A search warrant is signed by a judge and gives the police permission to search your residence for evidence.

A warrant can be issued for any place the police believe there is evidence in their case including a storage unit, your home, office, car, or computer. These warrants are issued for many different types of crimes.

If you’re suspected of being an abusive partner, the police may search your residence to find evidence o use against you.

Harming another person could be a felony charge and they could be searching your house for evidence or weapons. Suspicion of child pornography can trigger a search warrant of your home.

Search warrants are not given to the cops to see if they may be able to find something at your home. The police have to give detailed information on exactly what they expect to find.

Search warranties have to be acted upon after 10 days of being issued and there are limits of the time of day police can search your home.

Judges can make exceptions to these rules if they feel it is necessary to carry out the warrant. Typically search warrants are executed between 7 a.m.and 10 p.m.

Different states have different sets of laws about how search warrants areexecuted. If you have been served with a search warrant by the police call your defense lawyer immediately. There is no time to waste.

Step outside your home and speak where the police will not be able to hear you on the phone. You can even ask them to hold off on their search until you come back inside.

After an Arrest

If you’ve already been arrested you need to call a defense attorney. A good attorney can help you understand the charges, navigate the bail process, and ask the right questions.

Chances are after an arrest you a stressed and are not thinking clearly. Your defense lawyer can help you by making sure no stone is left unturned.

Communication between an attorney and their clients is privileged. This means whatever you say to your lawyer cannot be used against you so it is always important to tell your lawyer the truth.

The Sooner You Call Your Defense Lawyer the Better

Even if you know you haven’t done anything wrong a good defense lawyer can help protect your rights. If there is a chance that you did do something wrong a good defense attorney can fight for you to get a fair trial and advise you on the charges.

Remember if you are thinking are wondering when is a good time to call a defense lawyer chances are it’s time to call. When it comes to your defense it is always better to call sooner rather than later.

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