Do You Need a Family Violence Lawyer? Find Out If Hiring a Lawyer Is Right for You

Domestic violence is a serious accusation and anyone who is accused of it needs legal representation. When it comes to violence against family members, especially children, law enforcement and the courts make sure they prosecute if they have substantial evidence. But even without enough evidence, many defendants find themselves in legal trouble.

If you’ve been accused of family violence acts, chances are you’ll be in for a long, harsh road without the help of an attorney.

With that said, the information below details how a family violence lawyer can help you fight against accusations. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Family Violence?

Family violence is an aggressive act towards a family member by using fear and control to harm a relative. It includes acts such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, threats, emotional abuse, and economic abuse. Here are examples of each situation:

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse includes violent acts such as punching, hitting, shooting, shoving, choking, burning, and breaking bones. If any type of force is used to violate another member of a family, it’s domestic violence. This scenario also includes the use of a weapon or forcing a person to drink alcohol or take narcotics.

Furthermore, when an individual can’t do activities that benefit their health like their medication, going to the doctor, and undergoing a regular hygiene routine, this is also considered a form of abuse.

Emotional and Mental Abuse

Emotional abuse is also a form of family violence. Things like belittling, spewing insults, and harsh criticism is abuse. Furthermore, isolating someone from their friends, stalking, and harassing falls under this category.

Any act that can emotionally or psychologically bruise a person is an act of violence.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is any form of sexual activity that’s forced on someone who is underage or who does not give consent, which includes marital rape. Plus, other acts of sexual abuse are harassment and using a person’s sexuality against them.

In this situation, all sexual conversations, touch, or anything related to sex must be consensual.

Economic Abuse

Preventing a person from thriving financially is economic abuse. Taking control over a person’s money, withholding credit cards, or preventing education are all violations. It’s also against the law to exploit a relative for monetary gain or stop your partner from working.

Furthermore, withholding resources like clothing, food, medication, and shelter from a spouse or children is economic abuse.

Who Is Considered Family?

Under the law, a family member fits under a large umbrella. It includes the relationship between current or former spouses and lovers. Family members are children, stepchildren, adopted children, and siblings.

Plus, the definition extends to grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, and nephews.

Family also includes individuals who are “family-like” such as people with disabilities who are being cared for by someone else.

Why You Need a Family Violence Attorney

If you’ve been accused of family violence, don’t fight it alone. A domestic violence lawyer can help you through the process and help you prevent jail time. Below are the primary reasons why you need a family violence lawyer:

1. Get the Charges Dropped

The primary objective of a family violence lawyer is to get the charges dropped. Without a knowledgeable attorney in your corner, chances are you’ll be charged with a violent offense. This sort of accusation can follow you for the rest of your life. The best thing to do is to let a lawyer fight for your freedom.

2. Create a Strong Defense

Individuals who find themselves in a situation where they are accused of family violence are usually distraught and incapable of defending themselves. Not only that but unless you know the law like an attorney does, chances are you’d mess up your case.

An experienced domestic violence attorney will ensure that you have a solid defense against the accusations. Also, they can work on getting you a plea deal and represent you at trial.

3. Restraining Order Defense

restraining order is a huge hassle, and if one is brought against you it’ll create a huge problem.

In a family violence situation, a restraining order could mean you’re forced out of your home, and it could also hinder other areas of your life.

For instance, if you work or have an alternative shelter close to the protected person, an order could mean losing a job or having to find another place to stay.

Furthermore, it could mean not being able to see or contact your children. Any violation of your restraining order could result in more legal trouble.

4. Help You Not to Incriminate Yourself

Once you’ve been taken into custody after a family violence accusation, anything you say can and will be held against you in the court of law. Even when you’re cooperative and calmly answering police questions, they can use your words against you.

If you’re not savvy and knowledgeable about how these procedures work, you can get yourself in a lot of trouble, even if you don’t mean to. Therefore, a family domestic violence lawyer is your best bet in this situation.

They can keep you protected during police interrogations and educate you on how to handle the situation moving forward.

Do You Need a Family Violence Lawyer?

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