The number one concern of those accused of a crime is their life and freedom. Their number two concern is cost of representation.

Each case’s facts are different so it is improper to put a set fee schedule in this section. Generally, the fees for the case are reasonable based on the amount of work anticipated for the type of case and the experience level of Matt Alford.

Please call for an initial consultation. After discussing the facts of your case, the fees or a cost quote will be given. To give you a sense of things, Matt Alford Law doesn’t charge the most in Houston nor the least, but typically is a fair amount for the level of experience and trial ability.

Whatever your choice of criminal defense attorney, please don’t hire a discount lawyer with limited experience in criminal defense law. Additionally, don’t simply set up appointments with lawyers who quote the least. That choice can often lead to bad results, higher costs, loss of freedom and potentially being forced to hire more competent counsel.

Matt Alford is Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization (TBLS). That is the only organization in Texas authorized to give this designation. The TBLS was created to help consumers find out who had experience in specific areas of the law.

If you have concerns about costs, give Matt a call in Houston at 713-244-6666.