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Assault is a serious allegation. And, a lot of people don’t know that assault and aggravated assault are actually two different crimes. Assault is a misdemeanor charge, while aggravated assault is a felony that has serious consequences.

A felony is something extremely serious and difficult to live with. The prison time for a felony charge is long and can cause you trouble for the rest of your life. Getting a job or even applying for housing will be virtually impossible with a felony conviction on your record.

And that’s not the worst of it. Even a misdemeanor charge is serious and often comes hand in hand with up to a year of jail time.

The good news, however, is that there is a way to get the help you need after having been involved in an assault case. Partnering with a Greater Houston assault lawyer to help defend you in your case can make the difference in the outcome of your trial. If you have suffered from aggravated assault Texas residents committed, you deserve to work with an assault lawyer who can provide you with the assistance you require.

Work with a domestic assault lawyer who can help protect you from ongoing suffering and who can help change the outcome of your case.

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An Assault Defense Attorney Who Truly Understands Aggravated Assault

An assault or aggravated assault charge isn’t a simple case. These situations require a deep understanding of exactly what happened and how the law surrounding assault works.

Matt Alford truly understands the world of assault and has been helping parties involved in these cases better understand how to navigate their trial. A few instances which could mark your case as an assault or aggravated assault case include:

  • Assault using a deadly or dangerous weapon
  • Assault using a firearm
  • Using force that would or could cause serious injury to another individual
  • Assault using an assault weapon

Any of these cases can put you firmly in the assault category, seemingly making for a lost cause. However, there are plenty of defenses which can be used against these charges, such as:

  • No ability to cause harm
  • No intent to cause harm
  • Self-defense
  • Defending others
  • False accusation

No matter what defense we need to take for you, Matt Alford Law will find out how to help you win your case and lead a successful life.

An Experienced Assault Attorney

Finding an assault attorney is easy. There are plenty of them online and within the community. What’s not so easy is finding an experienced assault attorney. Matt Alford has been working with victims of assault and battery for years, giving him years of experience to draw from as he defends your case.

What’s more, Matt Alford is a highly accredited lawyer who has won countless cases for victims of aggravated assault. When you put your faith in his hands, you know that you’re getting the benefit of years of study, experience, and knowledge. Work with Matt Alford and rest assured that you’ll receive justice.

How The Assault Defense Process Works

Step One: Contact Matt Alford Law

To get started with an assault defense attorney, you’ll need to get in touch with our team. Matt Alford Law is available by phone, email, or contact form, giving you multiple options for getting in touch in a way in which you’re comfortable.

Once you reach out, our front desk agents will schedule a time for you to speak with an attorney. We’ll make sure that your meeting is at a convenient time for you.

Step Two: Receive a Quote For Services

We want to make sure that you’re prepared for every aspect of your case, including the financials. Before we get started diving into your case, we’ll break down exactly what legal fees and costs will go into your trial.

You’re able to speak with us about payment options as well to make the cost of your trial more affordable for you. No matter what service you need, we’ll make sure to get you the assistance you need at a price that works for you.

Step Three: Build Your Case & Gather Evidence

After you’ve signed your legal agreement, it’s time for us to get to work putting together your case. We’ll ask you questions about the incident and will put together all the facts of the case in a way that offers you the best possible defense.

We’ll also obtain any evidence associated with the case that could help the outcome of the trial. This is also when we may speak with any witnesses who could offer supporting evidence in your favor.

Step Four: Go to Trial

Once your case has been built, it’s time to head to court. You’ll be backed up throughout the entire process and will be accompanied by your lawyer.

That way you’re able to calmly navigate the complicated and intense courtroom hearing. Feel at ease knowing that your assault defense attorney is by your side.

Your First Choice For An Expert Assault Attorney In The Greater Houston Area

If you live in the Greater Houston area and are in need of an expert assault defense attorney, you’re in the right place. Matt Alford Law has been defending cases in Fort Bend, Waller, Brazoria, Harris County, Austin County, and Washington for years, giving expert counsel in winning cases. When you work with Matt Alford Law you know you’re receiving quality service from the best lawyer in the area.

Defend Your Case

Don’t let your upcoming assault or aggravated assault case loom over you and cause you stress and anxiety. Partner with an assault and aggravated assault defense attorney who will help you build a winning case and ensure a positive outcome from your trial.

Simply reach out to the Matt Alford Law team to get started with expert legal services today.

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