Weapons Charges Attorney

According to the law, even in possession of a valid CHL, it is illegal to carry a firearm or gun in airports, churches, schools, courthouses or any facility that sells liquor: i.e. bars, liquor stores, and most restaurants.

In Texas, it is also illegal to possess switchblade knives, explosive devices, fully automatic firearms or machine guns, sawed-off or short barrel shotguns /rifles, and brass knuckle among other things. The weapons charges against you will vary depending on the type of weapon found, and the place on your person where the weapon was being carried at the time.

You could face between a year in county jail with a fine up to $4,000.00 and 2 – 10 years in prison with a fine up to $10,000.00. The difference being a Class A Misdemeanor and a Third Degree Felony depending on how the evidence in your case is interpreted. If you have any prior felony convictions, you will face Third Degree Felony charges.

This is why you need an experienced weapons charges attorney at your side in court. The team at Matt Alford Law of Houston, TX will sift through the evidence before your trial to fight the charges against you, work to get a lesser charge or even clear you of any wrong doing. Make your appointment today 713-224-6666.