Matt is an astounding lawyer! I was blessed to have him represent me. Matt had an initial conversation with me, gave me detailed explanations of what I was up against and never once sugarcoated or overpromised. His honesty, integrity and attention to details are beyond belief. Anytime I would call Matt, it was like he knew what I was calling about! He gathered all the facts regarding the case and was able to get my case 100% DISMISSED! He was the first attorney in the room and first one out. He spent a lot of time on my case and I always felt confident because of him. When Matt handed me the paper, the emotions of this case finally being done, the burden of my future being severely compromised completely lifted off my shoulders. He saved my future and never once doubted me! I gave him a hug at the end and he told me that I could finally sleep well. That I did, Matt! If anyone has any questions about my experience with Matt, please do not hesitate to reach out. Trust me when I say Matt has the potential to make the absolute best out of your case, no matter what you are against.